The Cornwall Workshop - programme

Residential workshop

The programme for the 2016 Cornwall Workshop will include discussions, excursions and activities led by the artist and filmmaker Ben Rivers, expanding upon key themes explored in his work: from the concept of ‘edgelands’ and his interest in the physical and conceptual borders of society to portraiture and ethnography. Read More

Additional events

In addition to closed sessions exclusively for workshop residents, there will be a number of evening events to which artists, curators and writers in the region will be invited.

Ben Rivers will introduce the Edgelands programme that he selected to accompany his recent exhibition at Camden Arts Centre, and this will be screened in the Woodlane Lecture Theatre at Falmouth University on Wednesday 16th March.

On Monday 14th March, Ben Rivers will give a public talk, discussing his recent films alongside his broader artistic practice. Venue to be announced.

Details of additional events will be added to the website as they become available.